The Paste Magazine Culture Club is a weekly podcast program from the creators of Paste magazine. Founded in 2002, Paste is a soon-to-be monthly publication covering signs of life in music, film and culture. Each issue comes with a CD and/or DVD featuring artists like Death Cab For Cutie, The Flaming Lips, Van Morrison, Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Aimee Mann, Al Green, Danger Doom and Norah Jones. In addition to music reviews and feature articles, Paste covers the best independent film and the more creative megaplex offerings, as well as books, the arts and even epicurean delights. Our philosophy is that the best art isn’t always the most popular, but the popularity also doesn’t preclude originality.

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  • Hosted by Josh Jackson
  • Produced & Engineered by Joe Kirk
  • Engineered by Allie Goolrick

Permission to podcast all music in the Paste Magazine Culture Club has been obtained from the artist’s label and is on file at the Paste office.

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02/01/06 – Duncan Sheik
01/30/06 – Carlos Reygadas
01/26/06 – Aqualung/Fiery Furnaces
01/24/06 – Lian Lunson/Jason Reitman
01/23/06 – Beastie Boys
01/17/06 – The Frames
01/11/06 – Brandi Carlile
01/02/06 – Buddy Miller