The Frames

Episode 3
January 17, 2006

Featuring The Frames, music & film news, full tracks of new music, and Ricky Henderson haikus. Details below.

Music from The Frames, along with an interview with Glen Hansard and Joseph Doyle of The Frames from the 2005 Austin City Limits Music Festival. Full tracks of new music, weekly music and film news, plus Will Johnson’s favorite Ricky Henderson haikus.

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January 17, 2006 Contents:

0:00Intro with host Josh Jackson
0:28Full tracks of new music with Steve Labate
0:28   – Lives of Crime by Fruit Bats
5:11Weekly Music & Film News with Josh Jackson & Tim Porter
10:55The FramesLay Me Down
14:06Interview with Glen Hansard & Joseph Doyle of The Frames at the 2005 Austin City Limits Music Festival
25:47   – Joe Tex, These Taming Blues by Phosphorescent
31:44Will Johnson’s favorite Ricky Henderson haikus
33:13   – Popstar Reaching Oblivion by Flotation Toy Warning
39:48Outro & Credits

Copyright 2006 Paste Media Group

Hosted by Josh Jackson
Produced & Engineered by Joe Kirk
Engineered by Allie Goolrick

This week’s theme music was “Tip Of My Tongue” by Mark Heard from his album Satellite Sky, also available at

[email protected]

02/01/06 – Duncan Sheik
01/30/06 – Carlos Reygadas
01/26/06 – Aqualung/Fiery Furnaces
01/24/06 – Lian Lunson/Jason Reitman
01/23/06 – Beastie Boys
01/17/06 – The Frames
01/11/06 – Brandi Carlile
01/02/06 – Buddy Miller