Aqualung/Fiery Furnaces

Episode 6
January 26, 2006

Featuring interviews with Matt Hales of Aqualung and Matthew Friedberger of Fiery Furnaces, plus interviews from Sundance. Details below.

Interviews with The Fiery Furnaces and Aqualung. Full tracks of new music from Anathallo, Manchester Orchestra & Colour Revolt. Sundance Film Festival interviews with Arin Crumley & Susan Buice, creators of Four Eyed Monster & Jeff Abramson of Gen Art.

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January 26, 2006 Contents:

0:00Intro with host Joe Kirk
1:30Music News with Caren Kelleher
4:13Hana Saka Jijii by Anathallo
10:01Josh Jackson and Joe Kirk interview Matt Hales of Aqualung
16:29I’d Rather Have by Manchester Orchestra
21:39Josh Jackson and Joe Kirk interview Matthew Friedberger of Fiery Furnaces
27:37Blood In Your Mouth by Colour Revolt
34:17Tim Basham interviews Arin Crumley & Susan Buice, creators of Four Eyed Monster
40:39Tim Porter interviews Jeff Abramson of Gen Art
46:33Outro & Credits

Copyright 2006 Paste Media Group

Hosted by Joe Kirk
Produced & Engineered by Joe Kirk
Engineered by Allie Goolrick

This week’s theme music was “You’ve Been Faithful To Us Clouds” by Half-Handed Cloud from the album Halos & Lassos. Also available on the Paste Magazine Issue 20 Sampler CD.

Permission to podcast all music in the Paste Magazine Culture Club has been obtained from the artist’s label and is on file at the Paste office.

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02/01/06 – Duncan Sheik
01/30/06 – Carlos Reygadas
01/26/06 – Aqualung/Fiery Furnaces
01/24/06 – Lian Lunson/Jason Reitman
01/23/06 – Beastie Boys
01/17/06 – The Frames
01/11/06 – Brandi Carlile
01/02/06 – Buddy Miller